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AIM Media House is a global preeminent media and analyst firm dedicated to artificial intelligence. We are committed to providing insightful, cutting-edge analysis and news that shapes the understanding and application of AI across various sectors. Our mission is to inform, inspire, and lead the AI discourse, offering privileged access to the latest developments, trends, and innovations in the field.

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Large Format Conferences

MachineCon is the most powerful gathering of AI & Data Science Leaders. This invite only conference brings together the leader of the Indian Analytics Industry and explores the groundbreaking innovations and challenges they face.

In the biggest meeting of women Tech leaders from across the domain, women professionals from the industry and academia come together to highlight the achievements and career interests of women in technology sector.

Focused on data engineering innovation, this 2-day conference will give attendees direct access to top engineers & innovators from leading tech companies who will talk about the software deployment architecture of ML systems, how to produce the latest data frameworks, frameworks and solutions for business use cases.



Certifications & Awards

The awards honour the outstanding use of data, analytics, and AI to foster innovation, develop new goods and services, and operational effectiveness in Indian enterprises.

AI100 is an effort towards recognizing the best minds in the AI & data science industry who have successfully transformed data into meaningful insights.

Celebrating the importance of women in technology, the conference will recognize the achievements of leaders who have made an incredible impact in the tech community.

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